World Boomer

Just made it to 65... or 65+?

You are ready to play some golf, travel… just do something different than working the rat race everyday.

Well, you have earned it!

Leisure time that is. The government says you’ll have a lot of it, too.

Leisure Hours Legacy

Looking ahead to all those leisure hours, you may not have thought about it, but you are also in a good position at this point in life to do something about all those problems we face. You know, like priorities… the wrong things are getting all the attention when the important things are not even on the discussion agenda. I mean, the tough questions are not even being addressed.

Boomers are known as the generation that changed America, making it work the way they wanted it to work.

You may recall, when you put your mind to it in the past, you accomplished most everything you really wanted. So, you do have a lifetime of accomplishments under your belt.

And now, you have the time to devote to doing what you want to do; little to lose and a lot to gain.

Yes, go ahead and play some golf… and maybe build a legacy of opportunity for your grandkids, too


Have you noticed that life seems upside down nowadays?

For instance, the system just does not work for most of us. (1.) Wall Street is rigged against us. (2.) We are constantly at war, spending trillions on weapons, but next to nothing on the things that matter most to us, such as infrastructure and schools.

In his 1941 State of the Union Address, President Franklin Roosevelt declared the universal freedoms — the Four Freedoms — which all people possessed — were the freedoms we were fighting to preserve in WWII. Unfortunately for us, and the world, those Four Freedoms have metastasized into Fascist-state terror tools. (3.)

Since WWII the USA has Become an Evil Doppelganer of Its Former Self

The United States is no longer a Democracy, we have become an oligarchy. (4.) In fact, today our President, Congressional and Supreme Court “leaders” seem more akin to some Faustian characters who have sold their souls and our republic to the Devil (global corporations and home-grown, multi-billionaires) and are acting more like WWII-era American Fascists (5.) than democratically elected public representatives.

On top of all of this, sadly, we have a global identity crisis. A large portion of the world sees the U.S. as the greatest threat to world peace, (6.) while most of us still imagine that our nation is the champion of democracy and human rights. In addition to the disappearance of our constitutionally guaranteed rights and the rise of the American-Fascist Police State, we, the Boomers, are confronting a few more prosaic issues.

For instance, we are now at the age when we must deal with challenges which we never dreamed we'd face, such as — after years of working, many of us are out of work. But we still want to do something. What can we do? Another… How do we take care of our parents as they age and are no longer able to take care of themselves?

For that matter, how do we maintain our own health and viability as we age?

O.K. then: Let’s play some golf and build a legacy of opportunity for our grandkids. Please go here to get started: YOU.

— Ron Baker


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